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Shipyard Hours

Call Us: (281) 474-2588

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Open the first Saturday of the month by appointment only


Repair Yard On-Site Services

Seabrook Marina Shipyard is locally owned and operated since 1939 and provide the highest standard of care for your vessel. 

Seabrook Marina Shipyard has the following:

  • Two travel lifts, one of which has a 75-ton capacity
  • 70-foot boom crane
  • 20 wet slips on our work dock
  • Accommodate up to 27+ boats on hard storage

Boat Yard Services

  • Boat Haul Outs
  • 80' Max Length - 21' 6" Max Beam
  • Quick Hauls - 1 Hour time slot out of the water
    (Boat stays in straps on the travel lift)
  • Pressure Wash
  • Replacing Zincs
  • Loading & Offloading boats
  • Work Dock availability for Fuel Polishing

Boat Transporter Services

Moving to the Houston area or departing the Houston area, we can commission or decommission your vessel. We have a list of transporters for your boats.