Seabrook Marina Repair Yard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use a tarp to protect my boat from the rain and sun?

Seabrook Marina does not allow tarps or makeshift coverings; All openings on decks or cabins must have designed hardware covers. There can be no debris on the boat; only necessary sailing equipment is allowed.

Can I use the boat ramp?

The boat ramp is exclusive to the dry storage tenants that rent a monthly slip on a trailer. Tenants who need to launch a dinghy or a boat currently in a slip in the marina may also use the ramp. To lease a spot, please contact the marina office.

What size lines should I use for my boat?

Mooring lines shall be provided by the Lessee and shall be of sufficient number, strength, and size to ensure that the vessel remains securely moored under all reasonable conditions. Any mooring lines provided by Seabrook Marina to secure any vessel shall be charged to the Lessee at the current adopted rate.

Yacht Size Primary Line Size Spring Line Size:

Boat size (overall length)  Line size (diameter)     Spring Line Size (diameter)
    Up to 23 ft                             3/8”                                         3/8”
    24 ft to 32 ft                           ½”                                            ½”
    33 ft to 42 ft                          5/8”                                           ½”
    43 ft to 51 ft                          ¾”                                             ¾”
   Over 51 ft                               1”                                              1”

Use only 3-strand twisted or braided nylon (no polypropylene or manila). Chafe gear – water hose, clear vinyl tubing, sewn on leather (tape is not effective).

Do I have to take my boat out for a storm?

Boats currently in the water will stay. The boats in the dry storage; trailerable vessels must leave the marina. Make prior arrangements for storm storage. Check your trailer regularly and keep it in moveable condition. This includes tires, bearings, axles, and tongues. Check that the hitch and ball are the proper sizes. If you plan to vacation during hurricane season, unstep your mast beforehand to allow for a quick evacuation by a friend or neighbor in your absence. 

Do you allow pets?

Yes, we do allow dogs in the Marina; yes, we do require the dogs to be leashed and yes, we would like to request you use the dog bags provided throughout the marina or your own. Please, use your common sense when bringing your pet to the Marina, and DO NOT leave them unattended.
Dogs will be permitted in Marina so long as they do not pose a nuisance or threat to other tenants.
They must be kept leashed whenever they are off the owner’s Craft and walked only in designated grassy areas.

Can I fish in the marina?

You may fish off your boat only. There is no fishing on the marina property or docks.

Information Craft Maintenance While Docked

We recognize the need for and encourage ongoing Craft maintenance to maintain an attractive and enjoyable environment and to ensure the safety and security of all our tenants. To this end, the following rules must be enforced.

Check details here for more information on allowed craft maintenance.