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Optima Marine

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Optima Marine - Seabrook Marina Repairyard
Optima Marine
1900 Shipyard Drive,
Seabrook Texas, 77586
Call Daniel - (713) 818-8900

Sales, Service and Installation

Sales, service and installation says it all... with one exception. The service and installation will be handled with exceptional attention to detail. We may sell, support, repair and/or install the following: complete or part AC or DC electrical systems, navigation and environmental electronics, entertainment systems, systems integration, plumbing, toilet/head conversions, generators, diesel engines, fuel systems, HVAC, marlinspike seamanship/line splicing and rigging.


We perform the following services on standing and running rigging: complete commissioning; decommissioning for transportion; rig tuning, specializing in Seldén Mast B&R Rig; standing and running rigging replacement; electrical and electronics installation and other installation.


Underwater Services... why not? It is a union of two favorite activities... boating and SCUBA. Services may include: Propeller removal and installation, running gear cleaning, zinc/aluminum/magnesium anode replacement, object removal, object retrieval, damage or general assessment. Most all underwater services are accompanied by before and after photos and/or video.

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