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Electrical Boat & Dock Tips for Boaters at Seabrook Marina

A few very important boater electrical responsibilities:

  1. Use only shore power cords and adapters that are in good condition. Common problems include cuts, loose blades, burned ends or melted plastic around the connections. When in doubt replace them.
  2. Do not connect damaged or corroded plugs to Seabrook Marina’s equipment. Clean plug pins regularly to prevent corrosion build-up.
  3. Use the right cord for the right application 30amp 125V or 50amp 125/250V
  4. Purchase and use only products that are “factory assembled” by a recognized manufacturer and designed for marine use.
  5. Support the shore power cord adequately to prevent damage during wind, wave, and tide action. Make sure locking rings are fully engaged and in good condition.
  6. Do not use extension cords to provide power to your boat.
  7. Shore power cords should not be spliced or modified in any way.
  8. Shore power cables set that lie across the surface of pier walkways should be positioned to reduce tripping hazards.
  9. Shore power cable sets shall be secured so as to not trail into the water.
  10. Do Not use “homemade” adaptors for shore power cords.
  11. Management may disconnect any service that does not comply with the requirements listed.